Earrings Elvis Presley with Mic Copper

Earrings Elvis Presley with Mic Copper

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Earrings Elvis Presley with Mic

Material: Copper

Elvis Presley earrings will always be a perfect choice because they are original and very attractive. You will show off your sophisticated and trendsetting style when you wear these King of Rock and Roll Elvis earrings. No polishing is required as they are protected from tarnishing as we coat them with many layers of acrylic finishes.

Elvis Presley earrings are made from copper in a pretty teardrop shape with sparkling diamond cuts. Buy quality and appealing Elvis earrings because they are so beautiful and you will not see them anywhere else. These stunning teardrop shape earrings are 15 mm X 32 mm ( about 0.60 x 1.26 inches) in size.

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